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Mine craft warriors need armor to protect themselves from attack and damage, especially when battling other players. A full set consists of a helmet, chest plate , trousers, and boots. You can craft armor from leather, gold, iron, and diamonds. Chain Mail armor can sometimes be acquired by trading with villagers, or if a mob drops it when it dies.… Read more →


Health Points: 16 Hearts Attack Strength: 2-3 hearts Attack Method: Will leap toward you and hit you, inflicting damage until you die. Only hostile in low light levels.Once hostile they will remain so, even in daylight. Spawns: In the Overworld in light levels of 7 or less. Vulnerable to: lava, cacti, TNT , fire , and falling. Useful Drops: 0-2… Read more →


Health points: 8 hearts Attack Strength: half a heart Attack Method: Will run and jump toward you and inflict damage by touching you and pushing you around. When 1 silverfish is attacked, more may awaken and you may easily find yourself swarmed. Spawns: From monster eggs/ spawners found in strongholds. Rarely, underground in extreme hills or biomes when a silverfish… Read more →