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Solar Eclipse

Create a Solar Eclipse¬† What You need: Straw Scissors Quarter Orange Flashlight What To Do; Cut a slit in the straw and insert the coin. If you’re a righty, hold the straw on your right hand and pick up the orange with your left.If you’re a lefty, do the opposite. Position the objects in a line about 8 inches apart.… Read more →

Juan and the Many Colored Hat

Juan And The Many Colored¬†Hat Juan was a lazy man.He always doesn’t go to work, which will be obvious that he’s fired. Juan was also tricky, he usually tricks people as work.One day he wanted to do something tricky again, until he realized he only had $70 left!! So he bought a plain looking hat, painted it in many colors.… Read more →

Minecraft -How To Make An Exploding Tree Trap with Redstone

An Exploding Tree Trap will actually be very useful in PvPs (Player vs. Player) and for pulling jokes on your friends. Mainly, an enemy will think the tree is a fellow one to be cut. He or She will be so wrong, they’ll, instead of getting wood, they will get death, say hello to the victim, TNT!!! Materials: 1 sapling… Read more →