Q.What did the Ruler say to the Rock?   A.You Rock! Q.What did the Rock say to the Ruler?   A.You Rule! Read more →

The Apple Joke

  Q.A Bus Driver and a doctor have a crush on the same girl.When the bus driver went on trip for a week,before it,he gave the girl 7 apples.Why did he give them to her?   A.Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Read more →

Minecraft -How To Make An Exploding Tree Trap with Redstone

An Exploding Tree Trap will actually be very useful in PvPs (Player vs. Player) and for pulling jokes on your friends. Mainly, an enemy will think the tree is a fellow one to be cut. He or She will be so wrong, they’ll, instead of getting wood, they will get death, say hello to the victim, TNT!!! Materials: 1 sapling… Read more →


Health Points: 16 Hearts Attack Strength: 2-3 hearts Attack Method: Will leap toward you and hit you, inflicting damage until you die. Only hostile in low light levels.Once hostile they will remain so, even in daylight. Spawns: In the Overworld in light levels of 7 or less. Vulnerable to: lava, cacti, TNT , fire , and falling. Useful Drops: 0-2… Read more →


Health points: 8 hearts Attack Strength: half a heart Attack Method: Will run and jump toward you and inflict damage by touching you and pushing you around. When 1 silverfish is attacked, more may awaken and you may easily find yourself swarmed. Spawns: From monster eggs/ spawners found in strongholds. Rarely, underground in extreme hills or biomes when a silverfish… Read more →


Message from Lyanne: “Avoid rocks,wood,and spikes falling to ‘pop’ your balloon.The edges also make your balloon ‘pop’.Cabbages above shows your lives.If you lose a life, a cabbage will disappear.If all 3 cabbages are gone,game over.Press the green flag to start or restart and stop to stop.Press the green flag twice.” Read more →

Bug On A Plate

. Message from Doris: “Hey! An Easy way ta’ play! Don’ touch em’ blue line yer’ bug makes.15 secinds’ ┬áter’ get em’ fruit.Press em’ green flag to start then press em’ plate teh’ start!! Good day and Good luck to you all!” Read more →