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Club Penguin-History

Club Penguin is a fun and communicative game.Although it may be fun,it’s also public every 6:45-10:00 p.m. and a.m there are a lot of people playing.But at 1:00-6:45 p.m. and a.m., there aren’t to many people playing.There are also a lot of paid things.You could buy toys,hats,clothes,ribbons,gift tags, but the most important thing to buy is “Membership”. IME without membership,the… Read more →


Scratch is like safer you-tube and safer programming .It’s also easier to use.But you’re not alone.You share your projects online and you comment.IMO that you should turn OFF commenting for your safety.You also could report other scratchers if they are mean or doing bad things,but it can also work the other way around.They can even report you for NO reason.You… Read more →


Minecraft is made by MOJANG.This is a very hard game to build in scratch,but maybe possible in Alice.The game is a 3D game of blocks.IMO,Lego is that bit better than MINECRAFT.IME,Minecraft is also a great app to download,although its a paid game,but there’s also a demo.IME,the demo is VERY boring.You can play the game on your I-pod,I-phone,computer,I-pad,Xbox 1,Xbox 360,Ps4,and Ps3.I’m… Read more →