Club Penguin-History

Club Penguin is a fun and communicative game.Although it may be fun,it’s also public every 6:45-10:00 p.m. and a.m there are a lot of people playing.But at 1:00-6:45 p.m. and a.m., there aren’t to many people playing.There are also a lot of paid things.You could buy toys,hats,clothes,ribbons,gift tags, but the most important thing to buy is “Membership”. IME without membership,the game is terribly boring.But even if you’re not a member,you could get stuff without paying,although there is a code or a cheat to get it.In “Cheats” there will be a few (or everything)you can use to get cool stuff or not so cool stuff if that is possible.1-10 for clothing and 10-50 for coins(total amount:42000). But the cheats does NOT describe or talk about club penguin. Don’t worry you don’t only use codes,but you could gets some stuff from books,although I don’t seem to know any of the books so I don’t know anything about it.When using books,you need to remember EVERY sentence and EVERY line,because the books could ask any question at any part,so you need to tell the answer.IMO read the parts that seem to be important.Also, Club Penguin is Disney but I don’t think it’s Walt Disney.Even if Club Penguin is public,most people say bad things,and most of the people who play are teenagers.You also need a penguin name ( not your real name) ,a password (one that no one can think about),a starting color (more colors needs to be bought),and your parents e-mail.Most people tell the best starting color is black.

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