Minecraft -How To Make An Exploding Tree Trap with Redstone

An Exploding Tree Trap will actually be very useful in PvPs (Player vs. Player) and for pulling jokes on your friends.

Mainly, an enemy will think the tree is a fellow one to be cut. He or She will be so wrong, they’ll, instead of getting wood, they will get death, say hello to the victim, TNT!!!


1 sapling of any tree.

1 peace of bone meal.

About 24 pieces of the ground of the tree.

1 redstone dust

1 lever.

4 of any explosive block ( I recommend using wool)

4 redstone torches.

And 12 TNT.

How to make:

  1. Find a nice place to plant a tree, somewhere where somebody will be interested in a little chop.
  2. Plant a tree and fast it up with some bone meal.
  3. Dig a hole that’s 2 deep and 5 wide (5×5). Make the tree be in the middle of the hole. Dig,too, the block under the tree.We’ll need it.
  4. Under the tree, put a lever on the last block of wood and flip it.
  5. Put a piece of redstone dust under the flipped lever.Make sure it’s lit.If not, you probably did something wrong.
  6. Put the explosive blocks around the dust. Make sure that the space of the redstone dust is only occupied by the dust itself.Place the redstone torches on it and make it face the dirty wall.Make sure they’re not lit or else there might be something wrong.
  7. Place the 12 TNTs in the remaining corners.Make sure there are 3 each in a corner.
  8. Place the ground blocks to cover everything.
  9. Wait for an enemy to cut it down and then…


How it works:

The enemy will cut the tree making the lever break which allows

the redstone dust to turn off.

This allows the redstone torches to turn on and alarm the TNT of the murder.